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Inspired by Pink Floyd "The Wall"

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is one of our favorite albums, not only for the music but more so the story behind it. This has been lost in most of the current music. A lot of songs now are written individually then put on a CD and sold. There's nothing wrong with that but much is lost in comparison with the message of concept albums like "The Wall".

This inspired Matt Soren in creating the album Return from Broken. The music is more modern with industrial influences yet it will be an apologue similar to Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

Return from Broken goes through the dark & candid process of recovery from addiction and resolute return to sanity. Matt is also writing a lot of new music through his new band One Tonic. You can listen to his music here or download free MP3's here>.

1. Entry
2. Missing
3. Deeper
4. Breathe
5. Clear
6. On The Edge
7. No Life
8. Broken
9. Surrender
10. This Fight
11. Become
12. Release
13. Grace
14. Burns in Me
15. Finally Alive
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Return from Broken -Inspired by Pink Floyd The Wall
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